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Artists By Genre: British Invasion

The Brothers Grimm

Mark Dawson

Vitamin String Quartet

The Hit Crew

The Kinks


Dusty Springfield

The Zombies

The Grass Roots

Herman's Hermits

The Troggs

The Knack

The Dave Clark Five

The Yardbirds

The Spencer Davis Group

Paul Jones

Humble Pie

Déjà Vu

Gerry & The Pacemakers

The Searchers

Loose Ends

Marianne Faithfull

Chad & Jeremy


Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders

The Tremeloes

The Walker Brothers

Wishbone Ash

The Fortunes

The Primitives

The Shadows

Scott Walker

The Tornados

Freddie & The Dreamers

Billy J. Kramer

The Regents

The Pretty Things

Cilla Black

Sonny Boy Williamson

The Honeycombs

The Equals

Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas

Mike Pender's Searchers

Brian Auger

The Rising

Spencer Davis

The Bats

Billy Fury

The Merseybeats

Chris Farlowe

Dave Berry

Ivy League

Nashville Teens

The In Crowd

The Birds

The Applejacks

Vince Taylor

The Outsiders

The Rattles

The Sparks

Little India

The Fourmost

Brian Poole & The Tremeloes

The Poets

The Roulettes

The Grassroots

The Zephyrs

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages


Johnny Kidd

The Scorpions

The Outlaws

The Couriers

The Sparrows

Soldiers of a Wrong War

The Transatlantics

Rey Anton & The Peppermint Men

Gary Walker

The Koobas

The Dakotas

The Fleur De Lys

Hipster Image

The Sha La La's

The Artwoods


The Quakers

Henry McCullough

Bill Fury

The Banshees

Brian Diamond & The Cutters

The Cherokees

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver

The Afterglow


Firing Squad

The Hellions


Zippy Kid

Thee Jenerators

Spencer Davis Band

Los Mockers

The Midnights

Grant Tracy & The Sunsets

Louise Cordet


Pure Phase Ensemble 6

The Sunsets

The Darwin's Theory

Just Five

Bo Street Runners


Just Four Men

Rhet Stoller

The Dennisons

The Eccentrics

A Band Of Angels

Sgt. Pepper's Band

Martin Gordon

The Alleykatz

Model Boyz

The Four + 1

James Royal

Ray Singer

The Washington DC's

The Fame-Beats

Wayne Gibson & The Dynamic Sounds

Mal Ryder & The Spirits

The Fenmen

The Deejays's

The Laurie Jay Combo


Mike Cotton Sound

Jimmy Powell & The Five Dimensions

The People

Dave Duvani

Tony's Defenders

The Casual Four

The Beat Buddies

Phase 4

Grant Tracy

The Five Faces

Luis Drayton

The Manchester Mob

Marcus Tro

Boston Crabs

The Bunch of Fives


The Slade Brothers

Wayne Gibson & The Dynamics

The Shevells

Tony Howard & The Dictators

The Blues Council

Haydock's Rockhouse

Billy Fury & The Tornados

Conor McCarron


Idle Talk

Perry Dear & The Deerstalkers

Thee Rum Coves

Min Chi Young

London, UK


Mod Aid 20

Per Øydir

Beesotted Bees

The Trypt Up

Tony Knight And The Live Wires


The Worrying Kynde

Mel Turner & The Mohicans


Carson Coma

Project Soaker


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