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Artists By Genre: Lullabies


The Hit Crew

The Piano Guys

Nick Lachey

Jim Brickman

Rockabye Baby!


Sandi Patty

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Jaci Velasquez

Dan Gibson's Solitudes

Kim Mitzo Thompson


The Baby Einstein Music Box Orchestra


Marco Barrientos

Zee Avi

The Kiboomers

The Little Series

Twin Sisters

Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star



Sleep Music Lullabies

The Innocence Mission

Caspar Babypants

Marilyn Horne


Sing n Play

Einstein Baby Lullaby Academy

Stuart Jones

Stephanie Mabey

Clair De Lune

Carol Welsman

Sweet Little Band

Fred Penner

Jammy Jams

Pianissimo Brothers

The Lullaby Ensemble

Jeff Johnson

Kids Party Crew

Raimond Lap

Atención Atención

Baby Lullaby


Bob King

Baby Rockstar

Steve Wingfield

Michele Garruti

The Westwind Ensemble

The New World Orchestra

The Hound + The Fox

Jack Grunsky

Newborn Sleep Music Lullabies

Joshua Leeds

The Tiny Boppers

Rockabye Lullaby

Dream Baby

Children's Choir

Relax α Wave

Neshama Carlebach


The Little 'uns

Baby Music Specialist

The Sign Posters

Edie Carey


Rainforest Music Lullabies Ensemble


Valarie Pettiford

Sleeping Mozart Relaxing Baby

Peter Pan Pixie Players

Ken Blount

Muriel Anderson

Patricia Spero

Happy Baby

Bedtime Songs Collective

Rock N' Roll Baby Lullaby Ensemble

Giampaolo Pasquile

Meditation Relax Club


Children's Music

Relaxing Piano Crew

Andrew Fitzgerald

Richard Yap

Ginny Di

Paul Jacobsen



Sleep Music Lullabies for Deep Sleep

Double Zero

The Singalongasong Band

Various Artists

Dominic Moore

Giada Monteleone

Nicki White

Debra Fotheringham

The Lulabelles

Various Artists

Relaxing Orgel

Baby Music Club

Soul Club

Merry Music Makers

Double Zero Orchestra

Antonio Cortazzi


Flip Grater

The Jamborees

Snooze Tunes for Babies

Merry Tune Makers

Baby Lullaby Ensemble

Joe Beck

Gomer Edwin Evans

Michelle Beauchesne

Detonautas Roque Clube

Sleep Baby Sleep

Music for Baby

James Williams

Mental Physic Series

David Jack

Lullaby Babies

Pop Lullaby Ensemble

Jean René

Il Laboratorio del Ritmo

Costantino Catena

Tomas Walker

Felix Pando

David Moore Ensemble

Pop! Goes the Weasel

Fly Project

Norman Foote

David Moore

Demeter Metis

Mason Porter

Anna German

Ashley Serena

Yoga Masters

Sunshine Allstars

Fabio Cobelli

Cute Baby Relaxing Sounds


Candice Night

Lara Downes

Michael Reimann

Judson Mancebo

Michael Stanton

Music For Babies

Tina B.

Al Simmons

Dog Music

The Dream Factory

Lullaby Baby

Solo Sounds

Kids Sleep Music Maestro

Sweet Dreams

Baby Mozart

PM Artist Sessions Project

Christmas Lullabies

Anja Lehmann

Baby Wars

Lullaby Kid Biz

Vicky Arlidge


Aliento Kids

The Christian Music For Babies Ministry

Fantasía Infantil

The Sing-a-long Toddlers

Lorenzo De Luca

Kids Primotrax

Sam Reid

Giuseppe Sbernini

Lole y Manuel


Martin Stock

Cello Fan

Baby's Music Land

Gill Bowman

Kalle Klang & Die Flohtöne

Melody the Music Box

Darryl Tookes

Melody Music Box Masters

Douggie Reece

Coccole Sonore

Instrumental Lullabies

Clara Terán

Rémi Guichard


Lullaby of Beatle Land

Country Lullaby Ensemble

Salvatore Marletta

Lalitya Munshaw

Chansons et comptines

Trio Lyra

Lullaby Dreamers

Aly Keita

Amanda Furbeck


Welan Edvee

Rogério Koury

Chill Babies


Yuriy Nikulin

Gemma Bertagnolli


The Cat and Owl


Nanjing Chinese Traditional Orchestra

Elena Kamburova

Música para bebés

The Unforgettable Trio

Flower Fairy

Meditation Relaxation Club

Jamie Haley


Irina Ponarovskaya

Michèle Bernard

Laura Nashman


Digital Classical


Peter and John

Once Upon a Time

Anny Versini

Aldo Crianza

Diego Frenkel

Dave Haertel

Valentina Tolkunova

Relaxation Therapy

The Sunshine Singers

Marianna Cataldi

Born To Be Wild


Lullaby Masters

La Vaca Lola La Vaca Lola

Ying-Ying Shih

Baby Lullaby & Baby Lullaby

The Lullaby Bunnies


Baby Orgel


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