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What do you need to build a website from Scratch in 2019 (Checklist for Creating a Website)

What do you need to build a website from Scratch in 2019 (Checklist for Creating a Website)

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Date: 2019-07-01T15:45:01.000Z

I’ll go through a checklist for creating a website from scratch. With this video, you won’t forget any crucial steps before launching your website. I’ll provide links and resources to my favourite tutorials that show how to do each task, step-by-step.

What do you need to build a website:

#1 – Choose Website Hosting:
You’ll need to decide if you want it easy and you go with page builder or you will have more control and go with shared web hosting.


#2 – Buy a Domain Name:
The hardest part is to create a domain name, after you can buy it from your hosting provider or from namecheap.

Free SSL Certificate:
Ideas for domain name:

#3 – Choose a Website Building Software:
Now the third step applies to you only if you choose shared web hosting, you will need to use some sort of website management software.

By far the most popular is WordPress. I think like 27% of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress. It’s easy to use and comes with free plugins for pretty much anything you need. Also, you will find thousands of tutorials on youtube about WordPress.


#4 – Find Fitting Website Template Design:
If you went with WordPress you will need to choose a theme that represents your business online. There are thousands of free options on Or if you want themes with more features then you can go to TemplateMonster.

WordPress Themes:

#5 – Create or Buy Brand & Logo Design:
Next step is to create your brand (fonts, colors & style) and your website logo. If you need help with that there are online tools that give great suggestions. Or you can pay a freelancer on Fiverr to create your logo & brand assets.

#6 – Search High-Quality Content & Images for Website:

SEO friendly content tips:

If you need images for your website, here are few free & paid sources – free
Unsplash – free – free illustrations
Pixabay – free – paid – paid

#7 – Set Up Google Analytics:
What you can measure, you can’t improve. So setting up Google Analytics to trakc your visitors is essential step before launching your website.

Here is a video on how to do it on WordPress:

#8 – Search Engine Optimization Check:
As step 8 I have Search Engine Optimization check or in short SEO check. You should double check that you’ve set up your website so that search engines like Google can find you easily and you haven’t missed anything crucial.

For a video about SEO checklist when launching a new website:

But essentially you should check that you have your page titles & meta descriptions set up correctly. Also that your website is accessible by search engines and people on different devices and a few other things.

#9 – Create a sitemap & Submit Site to Google with Google Search Console:
Creating a sitemap sounds complicated but actually, on WordPress, you can just install a free plugin or you can use a free online tool to create a sitemap. And submitting your website to Google can be done in Google Search Console.

Bonus 1: Google Ads

Bonus 2: Google Tag Manager:

Some of the above links are affiliate links, so if you decide to buy, I get a small commission.

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